In celebration of Womxn’s History Month 2017, I collaborated with Femme and Womxn-Identifying Filipinx diaspora friends and friends of friends to reclaim the phrase “Walang Hiya” from its roots to shame Filipinos. I curated, edited, and published the stories.

Reclaiming #WalangHiya is a digital platform spurred from #WalangHiya appearing as recurring theme in my blogging. When I first heard of the phrase, I discovered that this reclaiming movement had very little digital presence (like how Asian Americans tend to be the “invisible minority”). Because of the way it empowered me and helped me to reclaim the parts of my Filipinx identity that I felt ashamed of, I wanted to create a digital platform for it, a landing page so Filipinxs all over the world could see how sharing our narratives has power to liberate ourselves both individually and collectively.